Wohlwollen (Metta) und Mitgefühl in MBSR und MBCT

Workshop mit Frits Koster

27. bis 29. September 2019 in Wien

In diesem Seminar werden TeilnehmerInnen dazu eingeladen, die Meditation der liebenden Güte (Metta) zu praktizieren. Sie werden durch spezifische Übungen zur Vertiefung der Achtsamkeitspraxis und des Selbstmitgefühls angeleitet.
Die Verfeinerung der persönlichen Trainingsmethoden und die Aneignung neuer Ressourcen für die Vermittlung von wohlwollender Achtsamkeit stehen im Vordergrund.

Weiterlesen unter https://mbsr-mbct.at/frits-koster/

Anmeldeformular hier.

Die Weite der Erfahrung erkunden – Stabilität in der Praxis finden

Retreat & Fortbildung

Tina Draszczyk und Petra Tschögl

18. – 22. Sept. 2019 in Niederösterreich, Brettl bei Gaming

Zielgruppe: MBSR-LehrerInnen, auch in Ausbildung

Kursgebühr: € 440,- (ohne Unterkunft und Verpflegung)

Anmeldung: tina.draszczyk@gmail.com

EAMBA Summer Meeting

This summer’s annual EAMBA meeting is on August 24 & 25 in Vilnius, Lithuania and will be hosted by our Lithuanian colleagues.

The meeting welcomes colleagues representing a mindfulness organisation in their country.


The meeting will start at 09:30 am on Saturday and end at 13:00 on Sunday, at Grata Hotel (www.gratahotel.com).

  • Registration is now open at https://goo.gl/forms/4dTSnkGQh8Lrcv6m2 . Please register before July, 1.
  • There is no registration fee for the meeting. The Lithuanian association will generously take care of and cover the costs of the lunch on Saturday.

Accommodation will have to be managed by the participants themselves, but the Lithuanian association will provide you will all the necessary information about that once you register. It is possible to book accommodation in the same venue (hotel) where the meeting will take place, but there are also several other hotels not far away.



Preceding the summer meeting, there is a one-day teachers’ conference, open to all mindfulness teachers. This EAMBA Teachers’ Festival will take place in Vilnius on August 23, 2019, in the same venue (Grata Hotel). The program is mainly experiential and skill/practice-based, offering a lecture and 7 workshops.

In the attached flyer you can find all information on the program and on registration.

Registration is possible until August, 1. Early bird discount until May, 5.

A limited amount of scholarships is available.

  • Please note that there are separate registrations for the Festival on August, 23 and for the EAMBA annual meeting on August 24&25..



Since the start of the registration for membership of the new EAMBA federation, we have had many reactions and applications. However, many countries / associations have not registered yet. We would encourage you to sign up for membership on the website. You can find the link to the registration forms here.


EAMBA Retreat  2020

We are happy to announce that Jaya Rudgard will teach next year’s EAMBA retreat.

Please save the dates: January 2-7 in Hof  Oberlethe, Germany.

We will let you know when registration opens for this.