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Zertifizierte MBSR Lehrerin
(Teacher Certification at CFM, Univ. of Mass. Med School, USA)
MA Psychological Counseling
SE Traumatherapie (Somatic Experiencing® Dr. P. Levine)
Dipl. Sozialarbeiterin;
Lebens- & Sozialberaterin

März 2016 bis dato: Hemayat, Verein für Folter- und Kriegsüberlebende; sowie in privater Praxis.
Zuvor viele Jahre in der Flüchtlingsarbeit tätig u.a. in Hong Kong, Kambodscha, Bosnien & Herzegovina.

MBSR in English, 1020 Wien
+43 664 5937286

MBSR/MBCT Ausbildungen

  • Zertifizierung zur MBSR Lehrerin / Teacher Certification: Jänner 2017 (Center for Mindfulness der University of Massachusetts Medical School)
  • 5-13 April 2011 Teacher Development Intensive in Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction –Ausbildung zum MBSR Lehrer mit Melissa Blacker und Florence Meleo-Meyer, Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care & Society (CFM), University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMass), Boston, USA.


  • 22-26.5. 2015 'You Are Not Your Pain - Applying Mindfulness to Pain and Illness', mit Vidyamala Burch, Breathworks, UK.
  • 30.4-2.5. 2015 'Mindfulness-Based Inquiry Training' mit Diane Reibel & Aleezé Moss, T. Jefferson Univ. Hospital, Philadelphia, PA. USA.
  • April 2015 'MBSR and the practice of Qigong, 3 days with Franz Moekl, T. Jefferson Univ. Hospital, Philadelphia, PA.
  • April 2014 A day of silence and practice with J. Kabat-Zinn, CFM, UMass, USA..
  • 30. 4 – 4.5.14 'Embodied Presence Professional Training: Enhancing Awareness, Resilience, and Teaching Skills' mit Saki Santorelli and Florence Meleo Meyer; CFM, UMass. USA.
  • 18-22. May 2013 'Insight Dialogue / Interpersonal Mindfulness', mit G. Kramer and G. Sharpe, Garrison Institute; NY.
  • Dec. 2012 'Living with Cancer and the Practice of Mindfulness', a seminar with Elena Rosenbaum, CFM, New York, NY. 
  • 23-28.6. 2012 'Deepening personal practice and the teaching of MBSR: a silent intensive mindfulness practice retreat for MBSR/MBCT professionals', mit D. Reibel & D. McCown,Wallingford, PA. 
  • 13-14.12. 2010 & 11-12.3. 2012: Bringing Mindfulness and Compassion to Chronic Pain / Achtsamkeit & mitfühlende Präsenz in der Arbeit mit chronischen Schmerzen, mit Elaine Retholtz, Arbeit von Beth Roth New York, NY.
  • 27-30.1. 2011 'An exploration of practical healing and coping skills for caregivers helping people through adversity, trauma and loss', mit Sharon Salzberg, Gina Sharpe and Cheri Maples  Garrison Institute, New York. 
  • 22-26.10. 2010, 'MBSR Teacher’s retreat' mit Florence Meleo-Meyer, Melissa Blacker and Saki Santorelli, CFM, UMass, Menla, NY.

Aktuelle Kursangebote

MBSR in ENGLISH, 1010 Wien

MBSR in ENGLISH, free Info session coming up in October 2020.  (highly recommended if you plan to take the course) Exact dates to be communicated.

weekly course sessions will be held on Monday mornings, 9.30 am - 12 noon, starting in October 2020.


Feel free to get in touch should you have any questions. (Elisabeth, 06645937286)

6 Apr 2020
25 May 2020
online - we practice together from home

ONLINE ENGLISH Practice Sessions

These Monday morning sessions offer an opportunity to continue and deepen your mindfulness meditation practice.

From wherever you are, we connect, sit together in meditation, practice mindful movement, the body scan, compassion meditation and explore ways how to feel grounded and keep physical as well as psychological equilibrium during adversity and challenging times.

Welcome! For details contact Elisabeth directly: ejanzmr@gmail.com